We  are so excited to meet you. Here are a few things to help you with your first class...

We have your back when it comes to water and mats. Comfortable clothing is key. Bare feet or grippy socks are the perfect footwear and please show up 10 minutes prior to the start of your first class. This early arrival will allow time to discuss limitations, specific needs you may have to keep you safe and introduce you to the studio.
                                                                xoxo, Breathe


All classes on schedule above. Sign up now, through MINDBODY or text to reserve 609.666.4567


10 CLASS PACK..........................$150.00
5 CLASS PACK.............................$85.00


Mat Pilates | Reformer | Barre
Focused private instruction tailored  to meet your needs and goals. Start where you are and improve from there. Call to book a session 609.666.4567

SINGLE CLASS............................$75.00
5 PACK.....................................$365.00

10 PACK...................................$700.00


 Semi-private personalized instruction to be enjoyed with a friend.

10 CLASS PACK PER PERSON........$450.00


Here at Breathe we offer something truly  special...your own private party!

Are you interested to having your own private   class, bachelorette  retreat or  birthday party or even Petite party(12 and older)? We can host any event!


Our signature Barre class was created with a coveted dancer's physique in mind. Combining Pilates foundations with ballet technique, this class will lengthen, tone and tighten your entire body. Using the barre as a prop to balance, you will focus on isometric strength training exercises. These high rep, low-impact, small range-of-motion movements create the shake and burn that target trouble spots such as thighs, glutes, abdominal and backs of arms. Add in ever changing arm series, core mat work, and cardio intervals and your body will never get bored. Needless to say.....we are barre addicts! All levels welcome.

Pilates Mat+ Foam Roller
Align, Lengthen and Strengthen. When is comes to boosting recovery, releasing tight muscles, finding proper core engagement and aligning the spine, foam rolling can't be beat.  This class incorporates stability moves, deep core work and alignment exercises, to improve your balance, strengthen your core and help correct posture. You will leave standing taller, looking leaner and most importantly feeling refreshed. All levels welcome.
Pilates Mat + H.I.I.T.
Standing for PILATES MAT and HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING, this mat class combines our signature Pilates fundamentals and alignment, with intense core exercises, body weight challenges and cardio intervals. This ever changing class incorporates props such as stretch bands, balls,  and weights  to tone, tighten and lift.  Fun music and restorative stretches complete this well rounded, super effective, class that can be added to any practice. All levels welcome.

Active Recovery with Scott Oster

Movement is essential to healthy living, but taking the time to recover is key to injury prevention. This all levels class is designed to release sore muscles, improve posture and increase mobility. Techniques used during ACTIVE RELEASE THERAPY are combined with self massage to create a care program that will heal pain and discomfort from tight and over used muscles. Don’t be surprised your aches disappear.

Soul Sweat
Developed by Leah Schwartz, Soul Sweat is combination of all the things we love and appreciate from the classes here at Breathe Studio. Formatted for your mat, this high intensity workout combines heart rate elevating intervals with strengthening Pilates and barre based movement. Get lost in the music and your challenge your mind and body during this total body workout.

Raise the BARRE.
Our signature Open BARRE class, turned up a notch. Heart rates rise as you focus on high intensity cardio bursts, progressed body weight challenges and the deep barre work Breathe is known for. A restorative cool down and yoga inspired stretch complete this advanced class.

BARRE Breakdown.
Perfect for first-timers or limitations, this class will challenge your body with a thorough breakdown of our signature Barre and Core exercises. With a heavy emphasis on form, alignment, stretching and balance this class will condition weak and tight muscles and restore your body. Beginner friendly and open to all levels.

Pilates Mat

Our classical mat class combines our signature Pilates fundamentals and alignment, with stability moves, deep core work and restorative stretching. This ever changing class incorporates props such as stretch bands, balls, and weights  to tone, tighten and lift. Fun music completes this well rounded, super effective, class that can be added to any practice. Great for beginners and all levels welcome.

This barre centered, yoga inspired flow is just the right amount of balance, strength and zen. Our signature Barre principles are key, as you gracefully transition from one movement to the next in a comfortably heated room. Each sequence will incorporate a coordinating breath that will keep you grounded and energized through out the class. Breathe it all in, barre it all out. All levels welcome.

Petite BARRE.
Inspired by our signature barre classes, Petite BARRE is an exciting class for young girls who are looking to start a new exercise routine or add to an existing one. This class combines the best of Pilates, dance, yoga and cardio sculpting, with crucial stretching to balance out an active life style. Participants will gain mind body awareness, body confidence, and learn proper form and alignment for a lifetime of safe movement. Participants must be at least 12 years of age.