Leah Schwartz

owner/ certified barre and pilates instructor

My journey started with my love for barre. I connected with the fluidity of the movements and how my body felt. Pilates was natural progression.  The more the I practiced, the more I desired to perfect my skills.
In 2013 I began my training and certifications in Barre and in 2016 I completed my reformer certification from Balance Body. Through out my education I have collaborated with mentors of varying practices that have diversified my technique and knowledge, and molded my abilities as an instructor.

 "Start where you are, grow from there, the practice is yours."




Through personal experience we know that Barre and Pilates can be life changing.

We strive to inspire our clients to be better then they are today, achieve their goals and enjoy every moment along the way.

Our approach pulls together talented people, with a passion for what they do, to create a positive and bright fitness environment.

Define.  Align.  Lengthen.  Strengthen.

Mat Pilates | Reformer | Barre

Focused private instruction, tailored  to meet your needs and goals. Call to book a session. 609.666.4567

What we offer.

comprehensive Workshops

private sessions

Barre classes were created with a coveted  dancer's physique in mind. Combining Pilates foundations with ballet technique, these classes will lengthen, tone and tighten your entire body.


Pilates fundamentals and alignment,are key in these ever changing mat classes.We incorporates props such as stretch bands, balls,  and weights  to tone, tighten and lift. 


Monthly workshops offer advanced instruction for students and instructors alike.